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“In Revolt and Reveal, Paula Dreyer takes us on an existential journey, sure to resonate with anyone who has ever wondered about life’s challenges and uncertainties. A beautiful work—pianistically idiomatic, texturally appealing, and melodically memorable.” ~ John Salmon, concert pianist and faculty member at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro School of Music

“In Revolt and Reveal, Paula Dreyer takes a decisive step forward into defining her own voice as a composer. Nurtured by her solid and heterodox musical experiences, Paula Dreyer skillfully strings a musical beaded necklace that knots together a unique group of influences; from nineteenth century romanticism to pop, Latin music and more. Even though Revolt and Reveal goes to different and diverse places, it remains centered and has unity. Its memorable motives keep coming back to shape the discourse and remind us about what she was talking about. There is also intrigue, resolution, exciting rhythmic passages, mysterious corners and ethereal spaces. It even has tormented moments that seem to speak about a painful breakthrough.” ~Bay Area multi-instrumentalist and composer Chus Alonso

“As a choreographer I rely on music to help me create ballets. With Paula Dreyer’s compositions this could not be easier. Paula infuses her music with perfectly phrased emotion that makes my mind explode with movement concepts. The only challenge is keeping up with her brilliance. We have worked on numerous projects and I cannot wait to explore more together. She is a beautiful person and it shows in her work, which is equally gorgeous. Revolt and Reveal is a masterpiece. It is flat out brilliant. I have no idea how I’m going to choreograph to it but I have to. It is mind-blowingly beautiful, painful, tumultuous, serene, and complex. Paula captures the experience of going through pain and finding resolution in a more perfect way than anything I’ve witnessed in a long time. I know the shift away from San Francisco has been difficult, but her art is reaping the benefits. I could not be more impressed with a musical composition.”  ~ World renowned choreographer and frequent collaborator Kevin Jenkins



Paula Dreyer is a classically-trained pianist and composer, making music in a unique style that draws upon influences of classical, Spanish, film, and improvisational music. Known for her transporting and mesmerizing performances, Paula has graced world-class stages from Carnegie Hall to the Green Music Center, performing in the US, Canada, Nicaragua, Prague, Portugal, and Spain. She has been an Artist-in-Residence at Obras in Portugal, where she composed much of the music for her globally successful Little Gems for Piano educational series. She is also a well respected educator and presents nationally to music teachers.

Paula has collaborated with world-renowned choreographer Kevin Jenkins and San Francisco based visual artist Adrian Arias, as well as with genre defying groups “Potaje” and “Matt Small’s Chamber Ensemble”.  She was a band member for the legendary show Beach Blanket Babylon, which the New York Times calls “a treasured San Francisco staple.” She was the winner of the Montréal Classical Music Festival and was a chamber music semi-finalist in the Concert Artist Guild Competition at New York’s Merkin Hall. In her debut original solo album Central Star, Paula tells a personal, yet universal story about the therapeutic powers of imagination, intuition, and creative expression during challenging times of transition.


In her debut original solo piano album Central Star, Paula Dreyer uses music as a soul awakening, energy shifting experience through a unique blend of classical, Spanish, film, and improvisational sounds. During these turbulent times when we can feel disconnected and distracted, she seeks to alter the vibration of the room- providing fuel for the soul through the unifying force of music.

Through multi-media displays of art and music visualizers, listeners are transported by a visual representation of the music.* Paula’s compositions are brought to life through the paintings of award winning, San Francisco based visual artist Adrian Arias.  Adrian’s displayed paintings were created while continually listening to Paula’s music. The program is organized around the four fluctuating elements of water, fire, air, and earth.  To represent the changing nature of the four elements and of life itself, the paintings are manipulated by a music visualizer, responding in real time to the music.

During a challenging transition period, Paula began to ask herself, “How do we process change in an ever changing world?” Central Star tells her personal story about the therapeutic powers of imagination, intuition, and creative expression during trying times of uncertainty. This spellbinding album speaks to the triumphant yet calming creative spirit and evokes feelings from the universal human experience. Prepare to elevate your spirit and embark on a sonic and visual journey like no other.

*The program can also be presented without visuals.



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Paula has performed at Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall, Merkin Hall, Green Music Center at Sonoma State University, Club Fugazi, the Cowell Theater, Freight and Salvage, Yoshi’s, concert halls throughout Nicaragua, Spain, Portugal and Prague, the de Young Museum, Dendrinos Chapel, the Tower Theater, and the Sunset Center of Carmel, California, in addition to many more.



San Francisco based visual artist Adrian Arias is creating a series of paintings inspired directly by Paula’s music. Through a music visualizer, the images respond in real time to the music during performances.

World-renowned choreographer Kevin Jenkins is currently preparing Paula’s original music for performances in Chicago and Miami in 2020.


Paula has presented nationally for piano teachers about the importance of creative expression and teaching engaging music during the primary years of study.  Her presentation is titled “Rote Pieces: One Piece of the Pedagogical Puzzle”.  This topic is also suitable for university students studying piano performance, piano pedagogy, and music education.

Outreach topics for children include:

  1. Introduction to the Piano- We explore how the piano is constructed, how it functions, how it is organized, the elements of music, and how music makes us feel. We will learn to play and sing a simple piece on the piano, listening for beautiful expression and sound. We will read a fictitious book about the piano.
  1. The Importance of Creative Expression- We use various styles of music to show the different ways music can help us feel. We draw pictures while listening to music. We dance while listening to music. We write a poem or a story as a group.  We talk about the therapeutic nature of focusing on an art form. 

Outreach includes performance time by Paula as well as questions and answer sessions.


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