New beginnings…

Please give a warm welcome to the new website and a new logo! I wanted the logo to include a subtle hint of piano, as well as the natural elements of the moon and the stars. The font choice of Philosopher was an added bonus, as I am always game to sit and philosophize.  Take note, contains all of the ordering information, audio, and videos for my Little Gems books. For the new site, I would like to give a special thanks to the artistic photographer Benjamin Edwards for his beautiful shots from Smith Rock. He executed my vision perfectly!

Lots of new beginnings are happening over here in my musical and personal world.  After 20 years and with mixed emotions, my family and I finally left the San Francisco Bay Area and moved up to tranquil Bend, Oregon. I still visit the bay regularly for teaching, performing, and connecting with friends and family. Musically, I am creating loads of new music on my new Steinway, getting involved in the music scene in Bend, and collaborating with choreographer Kevin Jenkins and SF based visual artist extraordinaire Adrian Arias. Together and apart, we are coordinating various innovative performance and recording projects. Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy exploring the new site.  Some new features are the commissions page if you’re interested in being involved in the creation of a new work, tour schedule, mailing list, and the press kit. Stay tuned for details about the upcoming release of my new solo original album Central Star, expected to be released in early 2020! Take a listen to the playlist at the bottom of each page (another new feature) for a sneak preview of the album. Happy listening!

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