Instructional Videos "Little Gems for Piano"

Primer Level Videos and Audio Recordings (click on title)

When I’m Blue Audio
When I’m Blue Backing Track (secondo) Audio

Thunder Showers Audio

Moon Dust Audio

Blinking Stars Audio
Blinking Stars Backing Track (secondo) Audio

Old Moon Audio
Old Moon Backing Track (secondo) Audio

Hop on the Bart Train Audio

Leap on Lily Pads Audio

Feel so Free! Audio
Feel so Free! Backing Track (secondo) Audio

Wishes and Daydreams Audio
Wishes and Daydreams Backing Tracking (secondo) Audio

Reflections Audio

About Face Audio
About Face Backing Track (secondo) Audio

Spanish Folk Dance Audio
Spanish Folk Dance Backing Track (secondo) Audio

Spanish Dance Audio
Spanish Dance Backing Track (secondo) Audio

Back and Forth Audio
Back and Forth Backing Track (secondo) Audio

Zero Gravity Audio
Zero Gravity Backing Track (secondo) Audio

Au Contraire! in 4/4 Audio

Au Contraire! in 3/4 Audio

Floating and Falling Audio

Good Night, Rain Audio

Current Audio

Volume 1 Videos and Audio Recordings (click on title)

Gently Falling Audio

Fields of Obras Audio

Lark in the Afternoon Audio

Falling Stars Audio

Black Key Etude Audio

Dream Waves Audio

Mirror Image Audio

Meet in the Middle Audio

Wind Chimes Audio

Mystery Guest Audio

Whole Tone Voyage Audio

Sobrina Audio

Calypso Audio

Sweet Janie Audio

Turning Audio

Valencia Stroll Audio

Portuguese Pigs Audio

Papillons Audio

Carnival Celebration Audio

Mesmerize Audio

Crawling Along Audio

Stomping Grounds Audio

April Showers Audio

Stars Audio

Retreat Audio

Castle Audio

Urban Cowboy Audio

Volume 2 Videos and Audio Recordings (click on title)

San Francisco Sunset Audio

Le Bébé Audio

Running of the Pigs Audio

Minimalist Audio

Round About Audio

Circles Audio

Petite Etude Audio

Change of Mood Audio

Dinner with Sculptors Audio

Into the Fog Audio
Out of the Fog

Forest Call Audio

Le Bateau sur L’eau Audio

Le Bateau sur L’eau- advanced Audio

Tango Audio

Lament Audio

Guitar Audio

Nights of Spain Audio

Cobblestone Alley Audio

Moonbeam Audio

Homage to Ravel Audio

Underground Movement Audio

Old Oak Tree Audio

Syncopa Audio

Belleville Audio

Seventh Heaven Audio

Solidago Audio